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We are retrofitters of CNG kits in different kinds of automobiles and use international standardized systems and follow proper installation parameters for best performance and absolute safety of the vehicle.

PPA Reducer

It is a high-quality CNG pressure reducer designed for sequential gas injection systems with the engine power up to 275 HP. Its task is evaporation and reduction of gas pressure supplying the engine, as well as maintaining adequate fuel pressure to ensure optimal operation of the entire system.

The reducer is equipped with a solenoid at high flow rates. The valve has a diameter of 8 mm, which means that there are no restrictions in the gas flow, which are strongly felt by huge expenditure in the standard solution of 3 mm diameter.

The unique and modern design ensures proper operating even in temperate climate conditions, which provides smooth operation of CNG in the user’s car. The special construction of the membrane ensures full performance and the lack of pressure drops across the full load range.

Surf Car Products guarantee of quality and efficiency of the device.

  • Integrated shut off electrovalve with voltage supply: 12 V
  • Output pressure: 2 bar
  • Pressure adjustment range: 1,3 ÷ 1,9 bar

PPA Reducer

SIGAS 2.4+

SIGAS 2.4+ Controller

SIGAS 2.4+ is a sequential gas multipoint injection system appropriated for 3 and 4 cylinder engines.

The SIGAS 2.4+ unit reads the injection times calculated for the original control unit, applies the necessary corrections for the new fuel, CNG/LPG, and it activates the injectors. This feature makes the performance similar to the one programmed by the vehicle manufacturer. SIGAS 2.4+ is the only Auto Gas System that works on injection based strategy instead of MAP based strategy.

SIGAS 2.4+ controller is the most advanced computer unit controlling the sequential gas injection, in the ECU class with 32-pin link. This LPG/CNG controller is designed for vehicles with a simple and extensive indirect fuel injection systems. The innovatory algorithm of SIGAS 2.4+ controller, precisely adjusts the dose of gas to the operating conditions and engine load in the full range of his work, thus reducing gas consumption. The connection of a standard OBD interface gives installers the ability to collect OBD map Adaptation, injection time map of RPM and collector pressure and precise regulation of injection times, the RPM, collector pressure, temperature and gas pressure – it is a unique solution in this class of controllers.

  • The ability to determine the maximum engine load and RPM while working on gas
  • Signaling errors and status messages
  • Function reminding about periodical service of gas installation
  • 2D gas and petrol maps
  • Gas Injector Heating

Type 37 Injector

Injection rail with piston design, designed for automotive gas installations with sequential gas injection.

Type 37 is a valtek injection rail whose task is to provide right dose of gas to the engine. 

Type 37 injectors are equipped with AMP/Delphi connector and is made of Hi-Tech Polymer to ensure light weight and greater performance. Compatible with Euro VI / BHARAT VI vehicles which require fast opening and closing tie.

Simple and Durable construction, it is characterized by high resistance to contaminated LPG/CNG gas. Easy maintenance and repairs as well as quiet operation are other advantages of this injection rail. T37 is the optimal solution for those looking for quality at a reasonable price.

  • Injection rail
  • Gas inlet connection
  • Calibration nozzles for the strip
  • Nozzles for the intake manifold
  • Plug
  • Handles for fixing the slat

Type 37 Injector

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